Discover - Explanation

Discover the best performing concentrated liquidity pools on leading DEXs.

The Discover tool helps you identify the most promising concentrated liquidity pools for your capital. It consolidates data from our supported Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), providing a comprehensive overview of the pools that are currently performing well.

On our liquidity pool discovery page, you'll encounter a meticulously organized table of liquidity pools, each entry equipped with vital information to guide your investment decisions:

  • Estimated Daily Fees

  • Risk Indicator

  • Daily Price Volatility

  • TVL

  • Average Fees

  • Fee / TVL Ratio

  • Average Volume

  • Volume / TVL Ratio

If any of the pools catch your eye, you'll have the option to dive deeper into the pool's specific information page or explore potential earnings and strategies in the simulate section of our app.

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