Liquidity Price Range

Here, you can fine-tune parameters such as the Minimum and Maximum Price ranges to define the scope of your liquidity provision, tailoring it to align with your market expectations and strategy.

Full Range

  • This toggle feature provides the flexibility to choose between a full-range option, which disperses your liquidity across the entire price spectrum, and a concentrated range, allowing for focused liquidity within a specific price bracket.

Calculation Range:

  • Calculation Range plays a crucial role in determining potential earnings by incorporating a specific duration of historical data. This adjustment also aligns the Correlation, Total Value Locked (TVL), and Volume charts with the selected timeframe.

Current Price:

  • Pre-entered in this field is the pool's current price, viewed through the lens of BASE/QUOTE pricing conventions (as outlined in the upper left corner of the Liquidity Price Range section). This price can be modified according to your strategy needs.

Min Price & Max Price:

  • Minimum Price & Maximum Price settings are where you define the boundaries of your desired liquidity pool's price range. Adjusting these parameters tailors your liquidity contribution to operate within a price range that aligns with your investment objectives. This will also show how far down & up your range is in terms of a percentage.

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