Estimated Fees

The estimated fees presented give you a glimpse into the potential earnings from your position. This projection is based on the current dynamics of the pool, including transaction volumes and fee rates, offering a valuable forecast of what you might earn from fees alone.

Daily Earnings

  • This displays your estimated daily earnings, calculated from the potential share of liquidity you contribute, alongside the existing liquidity in the pool and the accumulated fees throughout your selected calculation period. It provides a clear snapshot of what you can expect to earn daily, based on the current dynamics and your chosen settings within the pool.

Monthly & Yearly Earnings:

  • Monthly and yearly earnings projections follow the same basis as daily earnings, merely extended over longer timeframes to offer a broader view of potential returns. Additionally, this feature enables you to examine the Return on Investment (ROI) over the selected period.

Calculate Impermanent Loss:

  • Clicking this button activates a pop-up designed to calculate the impermanent loss associated with this pool. It seamlessly integrates current price data and earnings information, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the potential risks and impacts on your investment due to price fluctuations within the pool.

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